Individual Assignment

PLEASE USE THE EXCEL TEMPLATE ATTACHED TO COMPLETE: To complete this homework, youwill enter your answers to the questions below on Tab 1 of the M7 IND ASSSUBMISSION TEMPLATE.  Once you havecompleted Tab 1, you will copy it to Tab 2 (copy range is A1:B17).  Once youve copied your answers to Tab 2, youwill click on Formulas, then on Show Formulas.
The homework must be completedaccording to the Principles of Spreadsheet Design.  Remember that you are graded on theassignment as well as your accuracy in using the Principles of SpreadsheetDesign.
Riskfreerate              0.02                Market rate                   0.15                           Taxrate                     0.30
1.         Use the information belowand the rating chart in the slides to find this firms WACC. 





Market value


i (30 yr. BBB rating)