individual company analysis

Your boss has given you the assignment to scope out the competition. Your assignment is to pick a
competitor of your group’s firm to analyze( the company is Elanco Animal Health Incorporated). You need to do the following:
Identify the company’s business model ( how they make money). Give a short history and
overview of the firm’s products.
b. Identify factors which will impact on the external environment. Make sure that you address
demand and where the industry is going. Identify what are the major issues in the industry that
are concerning for the competitor. Use Five Forces and PESTEL and Industry Characteristics to
help you. This section should be a very short over view of your team external analysis paper,
but tailored to address issues which impact the firm you are writing about.
You need to do an internal analysis of the firm. Identify their resources and capabilities, and
describe their leadership, culture, and core competencies. Analyze their current position in the
market and determine what they have in their “luggage or not.” Discuss the major issues facing
the company internally. Use the models of Value Chain, VIRO and RBV perspective.
d. Identify what strategies – Porter’s generic, business and corporate level that the company
appears to be following and how the company’s internal abilities and external forces impact on
these strategies.
Evaluate the company’s performance using financial and other measures that you choose. You
will need to utilize your team’s financial analysis for some of the data necessary to understand
how well the firm is doing. You will need to examine your company’s financial and market
Explain what changes you might recommend in the company’s direction. Make sure that you
use the SWOT and Grand Strategy Matrices.
Provide a competitor’s frame work table and discuss its implication against your team
company’s firm.