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Beer Game Reflection Paper GuidelinesThis assignment allows you to reflect upon the attached articles and your experience in playing the Beer Game Simulation. The objective is to reflect upon what you have learned from thisexperience and integrate the articles into your experience. The two articles can be found in the assignment dropbox for this assignment.This reflection should not exceed 2-3 pages double spaced and is an individual assignment as it is YOUR reflection. Feel free to use the data provided by the system to support your reflections.Your grade will be based on the extent of your learning and your ability to express what you have learned in a concrete manner with specifics from the articles, your experiences andpossibility your groups data/results. Do not summarize what happened but what you learned from what happened. There are two different scenarios/conditions (classic and transparent) thatmust be played to fully understand the game. Don’t explain them — explain how they made a difference and which is better and why. This reflection should focus on the supply chain nature of the simulation but can also extend to inter-organizational systems in general.