Innovate/Invest in a Digital Health Future

High Tech meets Human Health – Many venture capital and other tech investors say – move fast and break things. In contrast, healthcare culture says – first, do no harm. It is up to you as a healthcare leader to find the balance.
Where would you invest and advocate for accelerated adoption?Identify several promising practices and emerging trends in applying information technology in healthcare.Base your selections on the ideas shared in course readings, videos, and the resources,Consider the following list and prioritize among these stakeholder/application/focus areas – (or select a priority project not on this list and justify it.)Review and consider and reference the laws, regulations,s and policy sections on ONC’s website. less for all or invest more in a few.Choose your top 3 priorities and rank all 12 on a list –
Public health – Connecting healthcare delivery and public health information systems, including social determinants of healthCare teams – Voice-enabling systems for the front-line care teamPatients/Access/Marketing – Digital front door to enrich telehealth/patient engagementR&D/Insights/Data Science and more – AI/Analytics for research and management and more – find more insightsPersonalized health – including a focus on genomic systemsFinance – Upgraded financial management suite and advanced consulting engagement to support itOperations – Supply Chain operational systemSurgeons – Surgical Suite robotsRadiology/Imaging – Diagnostic imaging upgradeRisks/Threats – Cybersecurity upgradeInfrastructure – Move to Cloud/networking infrastructure upgradeC-suite – Tech strategy consulting firm fees for strategic planning