Intended Career Research Assignment

For this assignment you will complete one of the following options.  
1. Explore your major (more appropriate for freshmen and sophomores) through the What Can I do with My Major link?  Visit the Online Resources at Career Services (Links to an external site.) to fully link to this option.  Give yourself time to explore these resources and build your report.  Write a minimum 1-page reflection paper with the following Level 1 headings:  Area and Employers and Strategies for Success based on what you find in the “Area” and “Employers” sections and “Strategies” sections.  In the Areas and Employers section, report which area and employer that most attracts you.  Discuss such things as what you see yourself doing with this degree and the kind of setting in which you plan to work.  What excites you about these opportunities, and what will be a challenge for you?  In the Strategies for Success section, discuss a minimum of two strategies you identify that you can commit to as you pursue this major here at USM to better your odds of being successful in obtaining employment upon graduation.  Consider selecting strategies that will challenge you and move you outside of your comfort zone a bit.
2. Explore your intended career through the Occupational Outlook Handbook (Links to an external site.).  Write a minimum 1-page reflection paper with the following Level 1 headings:  Career Summary and Career Reflection.  In the Career Summary, report all the information you located.  In the Career Reflection, report your impression of the summary.  Were you surprised at what you found?  How so?  Does the information you found solidify your career decision or have you rethinking it?  Why?
Also, many of you are not including APA style, level 1 headings and you are losing points.  Level 1 headings are centered, bold faced, upper and lower caps, 12 point font, times new roman.  Any questions, please ask.