Internet MKTG

1. The example of eToys.comsuggests that multichannel retailers are more likely to experience long-runsuccess in the Internet economy than are pure-play Internet retailers. Take aposition on this conjecture and defend your position. Is there anything to learnfrom the profitability and sales growth chart in Figure 3.5 inthis regard? What role did investors and media play in supporting theaggressive spending on marketing play and did it contribute to its demise?
2. Consider Figure 3.5 and the differences in profitability and salesgrowth between the three firms. Are there any other factors other than thosementioned in the text that explain the differences in profitability and salesgrowth between these companies? As a consultant, what would you recommend asopportunities for improvement?
3. Explain the customerlifetime value concept. Thinking about a specific firm, how could it use theconcept of CLV to increase the overall profitability of its customer base? Whatis a brand that you personally are a champion of and why?
4. What do you think the futureis for customized products? Think of an example of a product that couldreasonably be customized and explain why the target customer would find valuein the customization. Does the Apple iWatch fit this description?