Interview Essay- Survivor to Surpasser

*Sources will be provided in files*
*Please use these two sources only*
*Do not use any outside sources, only the two provided*
*Use both of these sources throughout the essay*
Source 1- Quotes from person being interviewed
Source 2- Firestone Article

Please go over “Student Sample Essay” for an example of how the professor would like it to be done and go over the “Midterm Rubric” to see how it will be evaulated.

When you think of the word survival what comes to mind? What kinds of images do you think of? In order to understand what it means to survive, we will watch the documentary Girlhood which briefly follows the lives of two individuals who are challenged by environmental circumstances in multiple ways. These individuals are tested both emotionally and physically and each reacts differently to what life presents. As viewers, we will witness how these individuals confront specific challenges by examining the choices they make, the support provided, and willingness to change. We will question and discuss whether they remain in survival mode and accept their victimization or surpass their circumstances and take responsibility for both themselves and their actions. 

For this project, you will interview at least one individual about a time(s) in his/her life that he/she went through the process of moving from being a survivor to a surpassor. Try to gather information from the individual about both the positive and negative choices he/she made during the process and how those choices influenced any of the outcomes. You will want to ask more personal and in-depth questions in order to get a sense of how he/she felt during the process including his/her fears, hopes, struggles and how he/she confronted difficulties. Some of these questions may be difficult for you to ask. It may help if you know the individual and have established trust. This will be a good opportunity for you to enter firsthand into a conversation about a personal and unique struggle that we can all learn from. Your questions matter! Be selective about what you ask and put a lot of thought into what you want to learn from this individual.

Your essay should be double-spaced, 5-6 pages in length (1500-1800 words), 12 pt. Font, 1” margin, Times New Roman and include a creative title. Your sources will include the interview and another of your choice for a total of two.