Intro to African American history to 1865

Class, I am asking a little more of you this assignment. Take time to answer the questions carefully and thoughtfully.
It will be due on May 15th at 1159 PM
The total assignment is worth 34 points.
Topic 1: Road to the Civil WarRead:
Question 1: What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? What did it do?Question 2: Why was the Election of 1860 so controversial?Question 3 (Big Picture Question) : What caused the Civil War? (up to 250 words)
Topic 2 – Abraham Lincoln
Read Abraham Lincoln’s Quotes on Slavery:
Watch –
Question 1- Where did Lincoln fit on the slavery spectrum?Question 2 – Why was Abraham Lincoln initially opposed to ending slavery?Question 3 – What is the Emancipation Proclamation?Question 4 (Big Picture Question) – How did African Americans go from slave to free? (Up to 250 words)
Topic 3 – Reconstruction & the Civil War Amendment
Question 1- What was the Reconstruction Era?
Question 2 – Why was the 13th Amendment necessary?Question 3 – Why was the 14th Amendment necessary?Question 4 – Why was the 15th Amendment necessary? Who did it empower?
Topic 4 – Freedman’s Bureau & 40 Acres and Mule
Question 1 – What is 40 Acres and Mule?
Question 2 – What was the Freedman’s Bank?


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