Introduction to American Federalism Discussion

Your initial posting on the Discussion Board  must be a synopsis and overview of the articles as follows:
The first article Marijuana Federalism One  discusses the different controversies regarding state/federal relations and marijuana.
 After you have read through and thought about its contents, construct a detailed TWO-PARAGRAPH descriptive synopsis and review of the article focusing on how the issues relate to Federalism, the different policies pursued by the state leaders, and the potential controversies between the states and the national government. 

The second article 2021 Abortion Federalism II  illustrates the conflict that can emerge in our power sharing system of Federalism. After reading the article construct a detailed, TWO-PARAGRAPH comprehensive review addressing the main points made by the author in the article with regard to Federalism and abortion policy. 
***For the initial posting, our personal views on abortion are irrelevant. The world is a much bigger place. Focus on the legal and constitutional questions. 

IN TOTAL FOUR DETAILED PARAGRAPHS providing a synopsis and overview of the content of the articles.