Introduction to Cultural Studies and Asian American Studies

Critical Response #10 Questions: The Future of CulturalStudies and Brainstorm

Part 1: Answer ONE of the questionsbelow:
1). According to Ono and Pham and what you can make ofPuars argument, what is the role of oppositional institutions versusindividual activism. What are the limits to what organizations can achieve?
2). According to Puar, what are the limits of oppositionalinstitutions after 9/11 in their participation in model minority and queerexceptionalism and homonationalism specifically?
3). Discuss any ideas that you found significant orquestions that you had about Puars analysis, which is admittedly extremelydifficult to follow.
4). Explore the limits to representation and identitypolitics in cultural studies, especially the focus on the visual. According toPuar, what additional relationships do we need to consider beyond visualculture and why?
5). What is the cultural significance of the turban and whydoes Puar think it has become the focus of hate crimes? How does the turbanreveal the limits to identity politics and approaches that focus on goodrepresentations?
Part 2: Brainstorm
Brainstorm ideas based on the topics provided inthe Guidelines for your Final Projects, the Cultural Justice Toolkit, or youmay choose your own topic.  Free-writefor 10-15 minutes on that topic. Post a 200-word Brainstorm in your CriticalResponse #10