Introduction to Ethics

-Ethics in general-The relationship between ethics and morality-The relationship between ethics and legality-Ethics in terms of the medical world (e.g., How are ethical decisions different in a medical setting? In what ways are ethical decisions easier in the medical world? In what ways are those decisions more difficult in the medical world?)-Describe an example of a situation in which an employee and/or an employer would have to apply ethics. Additionally, briefly analyze:      -The major ethical principles involved in the situation (autonomy,         beneficence, maleficence, and justice)      -The ethical decisions that you could make under the different      ethical theories (normative ethics, descriptive ethics,       consequential theory, utilitarian theory, deontological ethics,       nonconsequential ethics, and ethical relativism)
Your paper should be at least two pages, using proper APA format, including a title page, headings, introduction, conclusion, and reference section.