Introduction to Evidence Practice Problem Paper

In this assignment, you will select an evidence-based practice problem from an identified list of topics provided by your course faculty (this is  the topic you selected and identified in your unit 1 discussion).  After selecting a topic from the provided list, you will develop a PICOT question around your topic. Then, you will discuss the selected topic problem and significance of the problem, as well as your search strategy in locating three research articles that align to your selected topic.
For this assignment, be sure to include the following assignment criteria in your paper:
1.Discuss your selected evidence-based practice problem/topic.
2.Discuss the significance of the selected evidence-based practice problem.
             1).Support your discussion in terms of statistics and evidence-based outcomes.
3.Describe your PICOT question created around the selected evidence-based practice problem.
             1).Included the individual PICOT components, as well as a combine PICOT question, in sentence format.
4.Identify the three articles you selected that address the problem which is the focus of your PICOT question.
5.Describe the search strategy you used to locate these three articles, including terms used when search, the research databases, and how you refined your search to select the three articles.
6.Provide a conclusion to summarize your findings.
Remember to support your ideas with the articles you found. These articles should be less than five (5) years old. They should not be from the Web, but from a library database, and be sure to use a narrative form