introduction to sacred scripture short answers

NOTE: Please write about 100 words for each question 
1. Discuss the teaching of the Genesis creation stories (Gen 1–3) on God’s identity and functions, human beings and their roles, and the rest of nature?
2.What is etiology? Use any five examples in Genesis 1–11 to explain what etiology is. What does it tell you about the nature of the questions with which the ancient society was preoccupied?
3.What is sibling rivalry, and how does it function in the Old Testament? Use two examples from the Old Testament to explain it. Then, discuss the relevance of these stories for humanity today?
4.What is the decalogue? With the help of examples from the Book of Exodus, explain the difference between apodictic and casuistic laws.
5.What is a Suzerainty Treaty? What are its characteristic features? How can understanding this form of the treaty help understand the Torah?
6.Explain the term “holiness.” Why is it essential to the book of Leviticus and the religious and social organization of ancient Israel? 
7.What is the Deuteronomistic History? Mention and briefly explain how history demonstrates the formation of Israel as a nation in the promised land?
8. With the help of examples, explain what prophetic actions are. Why are prophetic actions effective means of communication?
9. What are the arguments in 1 Samuel that a king should rule Israel, and what are the arguments against it? Why do you think you find both sides represented in the book? Which side, at the end of the day, do you think the author of the story held?