Investigation Project: Part 2 – Incident Report and Narrative Assignment

Narrative SummaryReview the facts provided, including the witness interviews and the photos of the crime scene.Prepare a 1–2-page Narrative Summary in current APA format.Within the Narrative Summary, provide specific details about the incident in an objective mannerusing only the facts provided in the investigation file.CJUS 230Page 2 of 2Your Narrative Summary must include the following sections, providing these headings for eachsection.1. Source of Activity- This section of the report is used by the reporting officer to documenthis/ her reason for being at the location of the incident. (i.e.: On July 2, 2018 atapproximately 0128 hours, I was dispatched to 429 “Z” street in reference to a theftinvestigation.)2. Observations- This section is used to describe the reporting officer’s observations that ledto the arrest.3. Arrest- This section is used to describe the reporting officer’s actions at the time of arrest,if an arrest occurred. In this section, the officer once again covers the justification for thearrest. (Pursuant to warrant #2018-00239, the suspect was placed under arrest.)4. Statements- This section is used to summarize any formal statements made by thearrestee, witnesses, or victims.5. Booking- This section is used to record the location of booking along with the chargesand transporting officer, if any.6. Evidence- This section is used to recap previously mentioned seized property andindicate a disposition of the items.7. Additional- This section is used to record any facts that are not included in one of thepreviously mentioned subtitles. (i.e.: towed suspect’s vehicle, passengers, etc.)Use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.