Investigative paper (African American involvement in World War II)

Your purpose is to write an investigative report. For this research project you are going to investigate a topic of African American history. You will focus on creating a historical investigation paper or powerpoint that combines information from various sources. Include conclusions you draw about that information based on logical analysis. Your tone should be formal and objective, written in the third-person point of view. Do not use I or Me, or phrases such as I think. 

(You may use phrases such as the following to insert your opinion. i.e.  It is the opinion of this writer, or in conclusion this researcher believes …… based on…….and reinforced by….)

You will be expected to use references in the form of books, newspapers, online/print articles, web pages and website, etc). You must use are least (4) different sources in this paper and it must be a minimum of 4-6 pages formatted in MLA with a proper Works Cited page. 

The topic is (African American involvement in World War II)