Is Technology Ruining Society?

The Argument Essay
As someone that grew up both with and without the use of technology, I think I offer a unique
perspective on whether or not technology is beneficial to our youth or more harmful. I grew up in the
age where kids played outside after school and after dinner. To find neighbors to play with we went
door to door; to find friends, we rode bikes and left them outside to signal to other friends where we
were. It wasnt until late in my elementary years that my family got our first computer, with cell phones
to quickly follow. However, it was late in my high school years when social media became a thing.
There are arguments for both the benefits of technology, and the downfalls of technology. Learning
how to communicate, write a letter, research, and do my own personal spell check shaped my work
ethic. With that being said, I am able to get the amount of work I get done each day because of
There are arguments for the benefits of technology as well as the pitfalls. You have a plethora of
readings at your disposal to form your argument. Read at least two of the texts, and decide: Do the
benefits of modern technology outweigh the downfalls?

I will be submitting this in parts, i will submit half of what you turn in as a first draft, please highlight thesis so i can get the credit
In your essay be sure to:
Include a thesis statement
Include at least 5 paragraphs
Double spaced 12 sz times new roman font
Turn in via word doc or google doc (not pages)
Support your claim with clear and concise points