Issues in Management and Marketing

Please review this article.
Write a one page article review that discusses the article attached and how it relates to sales and cost management (this is what the attached powerpoint covers and the review needs to discuss both as how they pertain to this.) This review should include a brief review of the article, the problem it discusses, and the solutions, recommendations, and conclusions of the author. Additionally, I would like the review to include first person thoughts on the article as well while also keeping it to only one page. I would like there to be a strong intro. Good coverage. I’d like for it start off like “The purpose of this memo is…” The assignment calls bullet points with strong information instead paragraphs. It states that these are easier to read and allows you to pull out and highlight the key areas of the review. Please use ALL references and citations from the attached PDF article or the attached powerpoint. Please do NOT include a cover page and do not exceed one page.