it has to be related to Stis and how they effect women

Write a research paper on the topic of your rhetorical analysis paper. Since this assignment’s primary rhetorical mode is argumentation, you will need to stake a clear position in the form of a clear and coherent thesis that offers a solution to a problem in the status quo. Your paper should include, but is not limited to:
• Addressing counterarguments• Foregrounding of research as basis for your argument• Proper organization to achieve greater rhetorical effect• Clear structuring of argument with sub-claims that reinforce central thesis• Proper tone
You will need to use at least 7 sources in your paper. Note that sources can serve a number of functions in a paper from providing general background information to providing exact quotes from experts. Please follow instructions from class when deciding how to use a source. Also, please ask me if you have questions about how to use a particular source effectively.
Your sources should be incorporated into your paper seamlessly and should be documented flawlessly. Please note that both of these incorporations are crucial for your paper to receive full credit.
Be creative. You will have a wide range of organizational strategies at your disposal, and you will have seen several examples of very effective argumentation for a variety of audiences and using a variety of genres. As with other papers, this one is an exercise in using the resources available to you to their fullest, which means adapting the advice and instructions to your particular situation and finding the tools that are the most useful to you for meeting a rhetorical situation effectively.
Your paper will be graded according to the usual rubric. T