ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution: Foreseeable Future

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ARCH7004 Planning and Development Control
TaskThis subject describes the general planning issues relevant to developments in rural and urban areas. The content covers the factors important in determining the allocation and use of land and resources together with the contributions of development to the built and natural environment. Topics …
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SEN725 Urban Stormwater Management
Task:Unit Learning Outcome(s)The attainment of these ULOs will be assessed in this assessment task. Attainment of these ULOs are essential to pass this unit.1: Demonstrate the attainment of knowledge and concepts related to urban stormwater management.2: Apply physical concepts and mathemati …
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A written report will allow the student to demonstrate their communication and presentation abilities, whilst writing a professional and detailed laboratory report on a construction related material.   LEARNING OUTCOMES The student will be able to:  1. Develop an awareness of the spec …
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Contracts Business Schedule
Project Information:The planner for your company has left to work for an opposition building company and the management of your company has asked you to prepare a detailed schedule to carry out the works described in Assignment #2 for construction of a precast concrete warehouse and Office for at 45 …
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BBS405 Fire Engineering Fundamentals and Modeling
For task 1 you are the building surveyor providing advice to the client and design team including the fire engineer on the approval process and fire engineering process:1. Develop an assessment plan for the client that demonstrates when you expect as the building surveyor to produce compliance repor …
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