justify the use of animals in psychological research.

Part A: Animal Experimentation
The authors of a textbook are proponents of using animals for scientific research to gain insight into human medical, mental, and behavioral issues. They maintain that animal experimentation is a necessary part of that research.
Write the following:
Present two (2) reasons the authors use to justify the use of animals in psychological research. Provide at least two (2) specific examples to support each argument, citing your sources.
Part B: Genetic Research Methods
Genetic research methods are extremely useful to the study of the physiology of behavior because they help researchers understand the role of genetics in physiological differences across individuals.
Write the following:
Identify two (2) genetic research methods and explain how the methods are used to study genetic factors. Give one specific example for each method you described, citing your sources.
Part C: Hit in the Ear
Imagine you are a news correspondent and you are broadcasting at the World Series. All of a sudden you are hit in the ear with a baseball. What are some of the difficulties you may experience when going to work on Monday?