Juvenile Delinquency

Consider the changes that juveniles face as they age. As they pass through the stages of their mental and physical development, their reaction to authority changes. Watch this TED Talk that discusses a holistic approach to helping juveniles accept responsibility for their actions, be held accountable, and work within their communities to make the victims of the crimes and all of those who were impacted whole.
Watch this TED Talk, A Judge Wants to Stop Sending Kids to Jail, How We Can Help:

For this assignment, consider a rehabilitative versus a punitive treatment approach and the impact of involving the community to rehabilitate an offender. Address the following:

Define a rehabilitative and a punitive approach to treatment, and discuss the differences between them. 
Give examples of the types of behavior a juvenile might exhibit as a minor, adolescent, and teen, and provide an example of prevention for each. 
Describe how the long-term effect of a rehabilitative or punitive approach might affect a juvenile over time