Kierkegaard third level of human development is the only Reasonable way to live life.

Without religion, life has no meaning: Kierkegaard and the religion as the only reasonable way to live. Kierkegaard claims that humans have a three-part psychological development, moving from the aesthete, to the ethical, and to the religious as part of a natural progression in human psychology, but the highest human life requires the third, religious phase. Is he correct when he claims that that the religious life is the one to be lived? – this is the question I wanted to base the paper on.  I claim that it is the best way to live. 
 to be an eight-to-ten-page paper that requires research  The paper needs a minimum of six scholarly or primary sources, but the sources must either be recent peer-reviewed publicationsless than 15 years oldor sources considered seminal by current authorities. 
The research paper requires proper formatting as well as attention given to proper grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. You may write in MLA, Chicago, or APA formats, using Times New Roman twelve-pt. font and one-inch margins.