LEADERSHIP 430 Everyday Negotiations (Your Conflict and Negotiation Lessons)

Your Conflict and Negotiation Lessons
You have been hired!   
You are assigned with facilitating the importance of skill and knowledge in negotiation discussion from the perspective of an expert in the subject. The aim of the discussion is not to bring your audience around to your way of thinking, but rather to create a learning opportunity and help your audience to think criticallyto question assumptions, to consider multiple viewpoints, and to develop knowledge of the subject.   
In not more than three paragraphs, identify your facilitation topic and the three items you chose. Explain why each item is important or significant. Please prepare on any one of the below topics for your audience:

Three most important items to remember in negotiation
Three most important lessons in negotiating
My three most significant learnings from conflict and negotiation 

Post an initial 200-word min response by Day 4 (Thursday)