Leadership II: What makes a Good Society

Leadership Seminar II: Portfolio Foundation Essay (40% of total grade, Final Assessment)
This is the second in the series of portfolio essays you are developing across the Leadership Series. Leadership Seminar I focused on the question: What Makes a Good Leader? while Leadership Seminar II has focused on the question: What Makes a Good Society? The readings and course lessons this semester have highlighted that these two questions and their answers are interrelated.
For this Final Assessment, write a 45-page argumentative essay that discusses and analyzes the three (3) general points listed below. The essay should:

Present a clear thesis associated with the course focus: Leadership and What Makes a Good Society;
Develop a logical and well-evidenced argument that supports the thesis, while addressing the three general points below; and
Use concepts from and cite at least 6 of the course readings/resources, including at least 1 reading/resource from each Unit listed in the syllabus. Do not only use a quotation but critically engage with the reading showing us deep immersion into the themes of the class.

Unit 1: The Idea of a Good Society
Unit 2: Values and the Good Society
Unit 3: The Foundations for a Good Society
Unit 4: The Tensions and Opportunities in a Good Society).

Three General Points to Discuss and Analyze Based on The Defined Thesis

The Good in a Good Society: Based on what you have learned this semester, what are the top (13) critical ideas a young leader needs to understand (and keep in mind) to foster a good society?
Your Understanding/Perceptions of a Good Society: As a young leader, in what specific ways has this course changed your understanding/perceptions of what is needed for a leader to foster a good society?
Fostering a Better Society: What is one specific place of influence where you could make a difference as a young leader during the next 3 months to advance the good society in Ghana or your home country?


APA Style: double-spacing throughout, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 margins
Include an APA Style cover page and a formatted references page, which are not counted as part of the 45 pages.
Use proper APA Style in-text citations and references
Submit in CANVAS to Turnitin by the required due date.

Appendix: Essay Structuring Example
 Introduction: Provide a Thesis Statement and Roadmap/Organization for the Essay
                  Example Thesis Statements


Point 1: Example Point 1: Communication in Business
               P: State the Point
               I: Add Evidence/Illustration
               E: Analyze/Explain
Point 2: Example Point 2: Community Building in Business
               P: State the Point
               I: Add Evidence/Illustration
               E: Analyze/Explain
Conclusion: Provide a Summary/Review of the main points of the essay. Then draw the final conclusion.
An illustration of the P.I.E. paragraph approach from profcambridge (2018):
File list and named “PIE.png”

The scheme for grading is also in the files list and named “Grading System.png”

All other resources needed for citations and references are also in the Files list.