Learning Activity

We live in a country that offers asylum to young women from around the world escaping “Female Genital Mutilation”. Yet, we as a country, routinely practice Male “Circumcision”.  This is a very complex issue that has many interlinked cultural and sometimes religious factors.  Under what circumstances, would either practice be appropriate?  What obligation do we have to advocate for or against these practices within our country and around the world?
For this activity, I would like you to develop a debate platform either for or against circumcision.  There is one caveat; if you advocate for circumcision, it must be for BOTH male and female circumcision.  If you argue against circumcision, it most be against BOTH male and female circumcision.  If we truly believe that all humans are created equally in this great country of ours, then is stands to reason that what goes for one sex should also apply to the other.  
Using Word, PowerPoint, GoogleDocs, Glogster, SMORE, PosterMyWall, Animoto, or any other technology platform with which you are comfortable, create a written document outlining your position as being for or against circumcision. 

Your position statement (For or Against)
Three arguments outlining your rationale for your position (one must be related to the anatomical and sexual functioning discussed in this module)
At least one picture or image (Not too graphic as this is a very emotionally charged and heart-wrenching topic!)
A link to at least one article, video, or website for an organization that supports your position