Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy multi-part question and need an expla

Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Discussion #1: Name three physiological changes that occur in the elderly and discuss how they affect the nutrient needs of the elderly. Give two examples of what you think could be done to address poor nutritional intake in the elderly. (200-250 words)
Discussion #2: One factor you see as the greatest driver of childhood overweight and obesity (200-250 words)
Written Translations assignment:
* This translation assignment involves selecting an actual case study, translating 30 different medical terms in that paper into common “ordinary” English, and then rewriting the original article in a manner that is clear and understandable to a person who does not have a medical background
* For example, if the case study reads as follows: “A 51-year old woman presented with angina pectoris, dyspnea, and pedal edema”, you might re-write this as “A 51-year old woman was examined and found to have chest pain (1), difficulty breathing (2), and swelling of the feet due to fluid accumulation (3).”
* You will underline and number (in parentheses at end of translation) each “translation”, and you must have a total of 30 different medical terms translated in your case study. You will also submit with your paper a numbered list of the actual medical terms translated. If the case study you select is lengthy, you only need to translate as much of it as includes 30 medical terms; you do NOT need to translate the entire case study. You should translate all medical terms in the sequence they occur in the case study; do NOT “pick and choose”, translating some and skipping others! The numbers on the list of medical terms must match the numbers of the translations in the re-written case study. You don’t need to translate drug names, and don’t translate more than four abbreviations. Abbreviations should be translated as the terms that they represent, not simply written out.
Written Translation is worth 50 points and you WILL LOSE POINTS if you don’t follow these guidelines:
* include a citation for the original case study and/or its web address
* translate 30 different terms ( 1 point per term)
* don’t skip over terms you should have translated (2 point for each term you skip)
* underline and number the translations (10 points off on the entire paper)
* provide a SEPARATE numbered list of the original medical terms (10 points off ) Add this list at the end of your paper or submit it as a separate file.
* rewrite the article to make each translation “fit” smoothly. You can’t just “plug in” a dictionary definition of the term you are translating. Sometimes you need to change the word order in the sentence or change the grammar. This rewritten article should be written in your own words. Make sure you read the finished translation paper OUTLOUD. Does it make sense? Does it read “smoothly”? Would someone who isn’t taking medical terminology be able to understand the case study? Do the translations you put in sound awkward?? (1 point off for each “awkward” or incorrect translation)
There are many excellent sites for case studies on the internet. Many of the articles that you will find are short and already have the medical terms explained. These articles will not meet the need of this project. You need to find ONE article with sufficient length to include 30 different medical terms.
*Attached is the grading criteria for the written translations assignment.