Legal Advice to Francisco Guerra

by Francisco Guerra 
You are Mr. Guerra’s attorney and legal advisor.  Select one topic from the text and either tell him why he is proceeding according to your advice, or suggest an alternative course of action.
Remember, you are giving legal advice.  If you agree or disagree, you must give support for your answer.
You can use any Internet source to support your position, but you must provide all URL.

Side note for instructions by the Professor:

First, you must read the book, This is how you do it Kid.   Book info in on the syllabus.
The assignment is very open-ended on purpose.
You all have studied contracts, IP, court procedures, and more.
You can pick any episode in the book and pretend you are giving the advice.
You can tell him he made a great decision … and give SUPPORT as to why
OR… you can tell him how a decision could have been modified in some way.
OR… tell him he should have made the opposite decision.
This is your chance to be creative and advise based on what you all have learned.