Legal Ethics

Please answer the three questions listed below. Chapter 4 topic is ethics and professional responsibility. 
Paralegal Today: The Legal Team at Work 7th Edition

Question One:
After reading the chapter, what are your thoughts on the advice concerning legal ethics in social situations? Explain and share your takeaways from this section.

Question Two: Imagine that Claire and Della work as paralegals at a law firm in New York.
a. Claire discovers that her legal team has been assigned to represent her former boss. Provide advice on how Claire can avoid ethical issues in this situation. 
b. Della is asked by a supervisor to provide a client with access to another client’s case file. What rule of ethics applies here? 

Question Three:
a. A former client reaches out to Claire and Della to invite them to attend a concept in Pennsylvania. May they accept the tickets to the concert? Is this a violation or potential violation of any ethics rules in this week’s chapter. Explain.
b. Does your response change if the client is a current client, not a former client?