Legalization of marijuana in Canada OR patient abuse (you can choose )

case study must be from this link – 

 intent of this paper is for students to become familiar with ethical issues and ethical dilemmas. This allows you to explore one of the grey areas of medical advancement. Nurses who have prolonged contact with patients often come across challenging ethical and legal issues, especially in times of limited resources. In light of different situations, nurses continue to provide safe, ethical, and quality patient centered care. 

The ethical essay is to be written individually using American Psychological Association (APA) format. (see other document posted for APA reference guide)
Read widely about your topic by researching literature study to familiarize yourself with the different perspectives that exist about your topic.
Start to research a case scenario with valid reference (i.e., library resources) to use as a reference point of your argument (internet case scenario or personal situation is not acceptable- the scenario should be a formal literature case with formal reference i.e., Seneca Library references).
Next, decide on a position that you will take regarding the identified issue.
Formulate a clear and concise thesis/argument. The aim of your paper is to support your position through ethical reasoning with valid literature references.
Make sure that you use a MINIMUM of four references that are NOT part of the required course readings

Expectations and FORMAT: 

APA format with a clear and well-developed introduction, thesis, content, and conclusion
Microsoft Word-processed (not (PDF) adobe format, not Mac format).
Complete 5-6 pages individual essay paper including title page and reference page. No abstract is required. No headings are required within the text of the paper.
Double space- type/word processed with 12-point font, Times New Roman