Lit Circle #3 What Money Can’t Buy: Chapter “How Markets Crowd Out Morals”

prepares a creative interpretation based on the contents of the chapter. You may use any creative
method you like. You will also provide a 1-2-page explanatory write-up of your interpretation: why you chose the
medium and how you arrived at your artistic decisions. You will also include a list of at least five key points—main ideas
or issues from the chapter that are important to your creative decisions. Most importantly, you are responsible for
processing the chapter’s information into a creative interpretation that will help other members in the class appreciate the
chapter’s focus in a new and exciting way.
• You will creatively interpret the focus of the chapter.
• You will prepare a creative interpretation of the chapter using any method of your choice. Some examples are:
 drawing, painting, photos, collage, sculpture, diorama, poster session, PowerPoint, video; write a song, a poem, a one-act
 play or short story. Include a photo or digital link (if you write a song, create a PowerPoint for example) of your
 interpretation in the assignment.
• Along with your creative interpretation of the chapter, you will include a 1-2-page explanatory write-up about
 why you chose the particular creative medium and how you came about your artistic decisions. In addition to the
 explanatory write-up you will also include a list of five key points from the text that are relevant to your creative
 decisions. You may create a bullet-pointed list if you like, but there must be
a minimum
of five (5) key points
from the
• In addition to your role as the
, you will also put together a typed
list of 10 words
 you did not recognize from the chapter, AND/OR words from you think others would find unfamiliar. List the
 source/page(s) where each word is found, and the definition of the word as it is used in context.
Do not simply cut and
 paste the definition
an online dictionary!
Put the definition in your own words. You do not need a separate
 Vocabulary page—you may add the list at the end of your Lit Circle write-up. 
(up to 10 points)