Literary Analysis and Argument

Your Task
For Paper 1, you will write a 1200-1500 (4-5 pages) word literary analysis essay about ONE or TWO texts/films from the course. You will focus on a theme of your own choosing. You will make an argument about how the texts reveal something about the theme, and you will support your argument with detailed analysis of evidence from the texts.
All of these works are about the Holocaust, but they deal with different issues, experiences, and perspectives. A theme is an idea that shows ups in the text, often expressed in different ways to show us different aspects or parts of theme. You can think about themes by thinking about patterns and repetition of ideas and situations. Some examples of themes: human rights, survival, childhood, identity, racism, work, art/music, memory, travel/movement, food, language, etc. There are others!
You will write about 1 or 2 primary texts/film from the course so far and, if you want, can include reference to secondary critical sources we have read (articles and videos).

Primary Texts: choose from what we have read/watched so far Night and Fog, The Pianist, Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz, Au Revoir, Les Enfants, Run, Boy, Run, Maus I and II.
Secondary Critical Sources: If you want you can use a secondary critical source to develop your ideas or include information about your text. This might be about one of the texts, about the theme, about a historical event, or about how to read/watch. For this assignment use only sources from the class Modules. (Next paper we will do outside research.)

Literary Analysis and Argument
Literary analysis offers an interpretation of the theme supported by evidence: this means that literary analysis offers your own explanation of how the theme is expressed in the texts/films and what that means. Your argument about the expression of the theme and its significance comes from your close reading and analysis of specific moments in the texts/film. You have done this in the discussions about the Pianist, Survival in Auschwitz, and Maus
Paper Guidelines and Requirements
Make sure that your paper addresses the following requirements:

meets the word count of 1200-1500 words (a little plus/minus okay)
addresses a clear, focused theme in 1 or 2 primary sources
makes an argument about the expression and significance of the theme, focused in a clear thesis statement
is organized coherently, with introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and conclusion
includes description and analysis of textual examples from the sources as support
includes at least 6-8 quotes/examples from the primary sources for the total essay
uses a chosen style and tone (more academic or more personal)
is edited for clarity and correctness, properly uses MLA citation style