Literature Review

Answer the following essay questions.Your responses should each include specific references to the works for support(direct quotes and in-text citations).  Each answer should be one to twosubstantial paragraphs in length (three at the most!). 
1. Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman, Ann Beattie’s short story,”Weekend,” (page 986), and John Updike’s short story, “Separating”(Page 632) have as one of their common themes the failure of relationships.Please discuss the main reasons for such failures, providing quotes from thetexts to support your opinions. (There may be more than one failed relationshipin each work; please select the major ones.)
2. How does the past continue to affect the present?  Is the past a burdenwe can never escape, or in America is it possible to leave the past behindentirely and embark on a new life of freedom?  Discuss using ArtSpeigelmans Maus (page 1049) and John Updike (page 632), “Separating.

4. Violence and war have frequently beensignificant landmarks in American life and literature.  Drawing on thework by Kurt Vonnegut (page 343) and David Mamet (page 999), Glengarry GlenRoss, discuss how violence is represented by American authors.  Whatmeaning can be found in violence, if any?  Why might violence be aparticularly significant topic for American authors?

Levine,Robert S. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 9thed. Volumes D. ISBN-13: 9780393264555
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