Literature review on a paper that will cover green initiatives

A literature review is needed for the following thesisstatement. Please insure that all articles are peer-reviewed articles for thisassignment.
Companies are focused to become moresustainable and adopting green practices in order to satisfy the customer.
Literature Review must be a minimum of 6 pages notincluding the title and reference pages.
1.Collect,organize, analyze, and critique 15 + peer-reviewed research articles that arerelated to a topic area and problem statement.
2.Writean introduction to your topic and the overall problem you are addressing.
3.Writea literature review.
4.Concludeyour literature review with a summary of the gaps in the Literature and howthis aligns with your research area of interest.
5.Yourwriting should follow the standards established in the course and in-text andend-of-text references should follow APA style manual format.