Logic Model Assignment

Logic Model Assignment, Thepurpose of this assignment is to write a logic model on an agency, strategy, orintervention of your choice.
Instructions for Existing Logic Model
1.     Pleaseidentify an existing agency or program, which will be Heritage Ranch ChristiansHome is the agency
2.     Pleaseprovide a two to a three-paragraph summary of the agency or program. Thefollowing is a non-exhaustive list of topics you could cover though if available:the population it serves, an overview of the mission statement, objectives orgoals, programs or interventions, the size of the agency, the scope of theagency, and any other information the group feels is relevant to provide abackground and context for the agency.
3.       Please identify the logic model for the agency anddescribe the logic model in one paragraph.
4.     Thelogic model itself is uploaded separately.
5.     Inat least four paragraphs, critically assess the logic model for fit. This can bedone in several ways over several topics. The goal for this is to assess your abilityto critically think about the material and make an argument: The argument is forwhether the logic model fits the goals/mission of the agency. Use research toback up your argument.
6.     Attachedis a brief description of the agency that you must write about.
7.      this is the agency website Heritage Ranch. (n.d.). Retrieved October 31, 2021, fromhttps://www.hrbr.org/.