Long Essay #2: Kon-Tiki “Characters”

There were six adventurers on the Kon-Tiki, all of them bringing a unique set of personality traits, personal characteristics, and scientific expertise to the voyage itself. Considering interpersonal dynamics, any group is bound to have challenges interacting with each in such “small” quarters for a long period of time.
PROMPT: Excluding Heyerdahl himself, which of the other five crew members—navigator Erik Hesselberg, steward Bengt Danielsson, radioman Knut Haugland, radioman Torstein Raaby, or engineer Herman Watzinger—was the most “valuable” to the expedition? Why?

Choose your answer carefully. Don’t settle on the first idea(s) that comes to mind. You want an answer full enough to explore, not one you will quickly gloss over. So, choosing the “easiest” person here may not help you do the assignment very well. 
Write a preliminary draft and check to make sure you have answered the assignment prompt above directly with the proper depth of thought and analysis. AVOID first-person, “I” statements in this assignment: just state your position in the third person instead. Using the collective “we” or “us” in terms of society as a whole is acceptable, however.
Remember to challenge yourself to critically THINK about what you’re writing. Do not merely SUMMARIZE the book or the person’s character you chose as an answer; analyze instead in terms of the response(s) requested above. Use examples from the reading itself and other materials you’ve been exposed to prior to this class.
Feel free to use documented evidence in support of your position (see Tip #5 below). This creates a well-rounded argument in this kind of persuasive writing!
Optional preliminary drafts for this assignment must be emailed to me by Sunday night, October 31. I will return feedback by Monday night, November 1.


Remember to fully answer the prompt(s) above. Partial answers or vague answers will hurt your grade.
Proofread! Spell-check!! Grammar-check!!!
If you feel comfortable doing so, share your paper with someone; they will be able to show you where there are still questions and gaps of thought in your paper.
Read a draft out loud to yourself to improve clarity and expression.
When you use class readings, you can do a simple in-text citation for them, but if/when you use external source materials, you will need to provide a bibliography/works cited list as well the in-text citation.
Ask me if you have any questions about anything!


Required length is a minimum of 1,000 words for the final draft; there is no maximum length, although if you’re approaching 1,500 words, that’s probably a sign you’re writing too broadly and/or repetitively. If you are under this word-count minimum, I will mark your grade down at least one full letter grade, so develop your ideas fully and equally throughout the essay.
All spelling, grammar, and legibility standards apply. Please title your paper as well. Without a title, I will mark your grade down one full letter.
You will be graded on the Six Elements and how well the assignment meets the requirements above. Make sure you know the Six Elements by now and work to get critical thinking into this essay!
The paper is due on Wednesday, November 3, by midnight, submitted on Canvas in either .txt, .doc or .docx formats ONLY. Please make sure you submit your essay in a file format I request; thank you. If you cannot submit in these formats, simply copy-and-paste your submission into the provided window on Canvas