Low Economic growth in developing countries such as Haiti and Africa, consequences of low economy and solutions for it.

This is a research paper. The economic growth inequility around the world, and specifically in Haiti and Africa. What should we do in order to improve their economy and what are the consequences of having a bad economy.

Qualities of content

Offers sophisticated definitions of relevant concepts and adheres to these definitions in the use of the concepts throughout the essay

Effectively recognizes complexities, including the existence of alternative definitions of key concepts and thoughtfully addressing more than one of them

Consistently uses a frame of reference for addressing the central question of the paper

Contains strongly supportive details representing a breadth of learning across the political science curriculum across subfields, levels of political organization and political systems

Qualities of format and style

Has a clear purpose, a strong introduction (thesis sentence or paragraph), and a thoughtful conclusion

Is logically developed and well organized

Has unusual clarity of expression

Is written with an eloquent style

Shows mature sentence variety and paragraph development

Is virtually free of grammar and usage errors