m12 reasearch assesment

Research Prompt:
What you will be doing summarizing the content of the chapter and practicing your research skills. You will be doing that by creating a (mock) for the content from Chapters 12. An annotated bibliography is just like a regular bibliography for a traditional paper, a list of sources, but for each source you have to include a paragraph explaining what the source is about (a summary). They are typically used in preparation of a paper, you will however be using these “Research Prompts” to show your ability to summarize and research, by creating an annotated bibliography that has two entries. Once for the chapter you were assigned and one for a similar topic you find on your own. Do not use History.com, do not use anything you do not think would be reliable. Please structure it in MLA format.

You must have an entry with a descriptive paragraph for Chapter 12 and one source you find on your own through research. The one source (primary or secondary) has to relate to the topic covered in Chapter 12. Be sure to include why you feel that source is important to understanding the content covered in this module, in the paragraph description of that source.
Some of the following topics may be what you would like to find more information on. (You are not limited to these suggestions, but they are the most important content from the chapter).

You might want to find a source that answer the following prompts from Chapter 12:

What was the importance placed on the wealth and power of individuals during the Renaissance?
Discuss the intellectual change that occurs during the Renaissance? What is Humanism? Why is Art and Literature important? Why was Italy so important?
What was the social hierarchy like during the Renaissance? Did it have upward mobility? (Discuss race and slavery, wealth and nobility, and gender roles)
What were the politics of Western Europe?
What did the emergence of states (countries, kingdoms) and their religious allegiance do to the structure of Europe?

The descriptive paragraphs found in the annotated bibliography do not have a word count, they should identify why the source is important, why you would use it to express the point you want to express, and any vital information about the sources origin or author if important. They should be anywhere from 4-6 sentences each, no longer.