M2: Making Decisions and Overcoming Bias Using Research

For this discussion,imagine youve taken on the role of a manager at an engineering company. Youvebeen approached by a supplier of goodsone you havent worked with before. Thesupplier shows you the new software package it is launching in a few months,and it piques your interest. The demo of the new technology shows you how itcould really help your team design and develop projects faster. It alsoincludes many add-ons for items that your company is not currently working on,but that your intuition says it should be.

The suppliers studysays that 90 percent of your industry will be transitioning to this newtechnology in a couple of years, and that if your company doesnt move forwardwith it, you will fall behind. You are eager to grow revenue, develop yourteam, and wow your clients. The supplier says it is not making the newtechnology available to your competitors because it would prefer to partnerwith a prestigious company like yours. You think the suppliers representativeis knowledgeable about the new technology and your industry, and you enjoy theconversations youve had, but you still feel uneasy about making a decision onwhether to partner with this new supplier.

In your initialpost, address the following:

What research steps need to take place before you can make a decision?
How would you use qualitative or quantitative data to help you make a decision? Explain the difference between these two methods.
How would you use primary and secondary sources to support your decision? Explain the difference between these two source types.

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