M3D1: White Supremacist Ideology?

M3D1: White Supremacist Ideology?
This activity will allow you the opportunity to think about and discuss the different levels of some activity-based gangs.
Your textbook identifies three distinct subgroups of extremist movements: the Aryan Resistance Movement, Aryan Youth Movement, and White Aryan Resistance. Select any one of these groups and read more about it.
Here’ (Links to an external site.) ( https://theconversation.com/white-nationalist-groups-are-really-street-gangs-and-law-enforcement-needs-to-treat-them-that-way-107691) s one take on this. And another (Links to an external site.),  ( https://www.evernote.com/shard/s64/client/snv?noteGuid=ab0f196a-2e1f-42e1-b671-fba9c7566e66&noteKey=e055acce34435e18a34f3b3bbbebc6ec&sn=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evernote.com%2Fshard%2Fs64%2Fsh%2Fab0f196a-2e1f-42e1-b671-fba9c7566e66%2Fe055acce34435e18a34f3b3bbbebc6ec&title=To%2BDeter%2BViolence%252C%2BLet%2527s%2BTreat%2BAlt-Right%2BGroups%2Bas%2BStreet%2BGangs%2B%257C%2BThe%2BCrime%2BReport ) similar one.
Respond to the following:
Are these groups even gangs? Why or why not?All initial posts due on Thursday. Replies due by Sunday by 11:59PM. Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before posting.
Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.
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This discussion will be graded using the SPS Default Discussion Rubric. Please review this rubric, located on the Rubrics page within the Start Here module of the course, prior to beginning your work to ensure your participation meets the criteria in place for this discussion. All discussions combined are worth 30% of your final course grade.