M3D2: Trends in the Skinhead Movement

M3D2: Trends in the Skinhead Movement
This activity will allow you the opportunity to discuss the seemingly paranoid beliefs of some of these activity-based gangs.
Since the election of BO, we’ve heard about the increase in these groups. Of course, the SPLC et al. has a pretty broad definition of these groups. And, this got even worser (there I said it) with the election of The Donald.
Additionally, we’re told by The Department of Homeland Security, that it’s the right wing, the angry white guys, the alt-right, that’s more dangerous than the Islamic Supremacists, the left wingnuts, etc.
And now we have the debacle that is Afghanistan with the Taliban firmly in charge, and their connections with at least AQ as well as Russia and China.
Similar comments about the right were made with the Brexit decision and even with the French election. Here’s the BIG and ONLY question for the week:Should we be concerned or is this much ado about nothing?All initial posts due on Thursday. Replies due by Sunday by 11:59PM. Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before posting.
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