Making the Right Choices

The content of this course is detailed, necessary, and sometimes a bit confusing. As we wrap up the 6 weeks, with the final assignment being a collaboration of job analysis, job design, and performance evaluation, we must accept the fact that not everything fits into a nice, neat package.
Due to time management or perhaps lack of resources, there are times that you may have to make a decision about the path you will take to accomplish a task. Our last discussion looks at the options and helps with the decision-making process for reshaping the task. The purpose of this discussion is a reminder that the role of the HRM manager must be fluid and adaptable to the task at hand.
Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

Review the Week 6 – Weekly Lecture.
Read Chapter 10 in the textbook Job and Work Analysis.
Consider reviewing the textbooks for this course.
Review each process: job analysis, job design, and performance evaluation.

In your initial discussion forum post, address the following:

What processes are a must-do or must-have and which can be eliminated? Explain your reasoning.
Will there be problems if you do not do something within a process?
Is it possible to not do something now and perhaps readdress it later without repercussions?
Are there any legal ramifications for not addressing something in each process?