Malaysia is the case study: 

Why did you choose to study this countr’s response to COVID -19
Provide COVID map 
Which region is it? Low Income/ Middle-income/ Upper middle 
Income/ High Income

Health burdens on the Country: 

Number of cases 
How did it spread? Is there indications of a first case or super spreader
Case fatality rate 

Economic Burden on Country: 

Any data on estimated job losses, loss of manufacturing 
Stress and Cost on Public Health System . Mention 2

Country response:

Testing of Cases. How was it done? How adequate was it 
Hospitalization and care of patients 
Health System preparedness. Mention 2 achievements and 2 major challenges 
Public Health Measures( border closures, mask made mandatory, quarantine, isolation, social distancing) undertaken. Mention 4 

Global Health Response:

What was the response of World Health Organization(WHO)?When did it declare the pandemic a Public Health Emergency of International Concern( PHEIC)Did the country  follow directions of WHO on International Health Regulations ? 
Were international actors and NGO present in the country to provide 

help?. Mention 2 

Status of Vaccination in the country

Has the country been able to vaccinate its people? How many people have been vaccinated 
What are the a major economic cultural, and political hurdles

Any interesting video