MAN6905 Databases and Business Intelligence : Essential Entity

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From the articles listed below, analyse the use of information as mentioned in the article. Write a 500 – 750-word essay describing the type of information that is discussed in the article. As part of your essay, define five characteristics that describe the value of information and how it app …
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DBAS27198 Database design and implementation
Develop the SQL scripts that will create the tables and enforce all the appropriateconstraints• Develop sample SQL scripts that will insert the data to the database (one row in eachtable)• Convert at least 2 entities to MongoDB Collections. Write the scripts that will Create thecolle …
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Using the Home library relation above:1.    Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies that exist in this relation.2.    Decompose the Home Library relation into a set of 3NF relations and draw a dependency diagram for each of the 3NF relations.3.&nbs …
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NIT1201 Introduction to Database Systems
Your taskYou have been commissioned to develop a database system that is capable of keeping records for FU’s table tennis matches from now on.The database needs to keep a record of:• All team information, including players’ information• All games, sections, the players in …
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CST1340 Resit Coursework
Question:Please read the following instructions carefully.• All coursework is to be completed as an individual.• There is no group work• All work is to be submitted to MyLearning• Resit coursework is only to be completed by resit or deferred students.The coursework …
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