MATH23775 Integral Calculus:Derivations of Formulas and Models

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MAA112 Research Project
On successful completion of the unit, students should be able to:Knowledge and UnderstandingK1Deploy systematic and in-depth understanding of existing knowledge and practice within a specialised subject area or field.K2Engage effectively with ideas, practices and methods at the forefront of the subj …
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ENG10004 Digital and Data Systems
Task:The design project is a significant learning component of the unit, which contributes 50% marks towards the final mark for the unit. The project is re-shaped from former group work into individual work due to the COVID-19 restriction. From the project, students are expected to achieve the lea …
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EG7010 Engineering Design Case Study
The following four exercises are the assessment for the Simulink/Simscape part of this module. Together they represent 20% of the mark for this module. Each question carries 5%. Before answering them, you should make sure you have completed the onramp courses for Simulink and for Simscape. Answers a …
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A GaAs LED, characterized by the bandgap energy ð¸! = 1.42 eV, operates at room temperature. Find the peak wavelength and the spectral bandwidth of the LED.  2.  [20 points] Starting from the expression for the frequency components present in the output spectrum of a semiconductor la …
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