Memo to Mayor O’Neal (Durham, NC Mayor)

Memo to Mayor O’Neal (Durham, NC Mayor)On Monday, April 18, 2022, Mayor O’Neal gave her first State of the City Address and highlighted some core concerns in the City (Durham, NC).Prepare a memo proposing a process for involving the public in planning for a safer Durham and addressing the following issues:Why is the plan needed and what should it accomplish? / Who should coordinate the planning process of this taskforce? (describe groups and/or individual(s) in general terms) / What research or data will be needed, who will prepare it, and how will it be used? / What public meetings will be held if any—at what stage(s) of the process, who will lead and how? How will attendance be encouraged? How will results of meeting be incorporated into the process? / If you recommend techniques other than meetings, describe them / What intermediate and final documents should be produced? / Give a general time table for the process / What implementation issues does the Council need to consider?ATTACHED is the Document that will provide the information needed to complete the assignment