MERS infectious disease

Write a two-page, doubled spaced, 12-point font paper on MERS (middle east respiratory syndrome) using medical terminology. Use credible sources like the CDC. Include the following in the text;
o   Provide an overview of the disease and main points clearly and well organized
o   Details the name of the pathogen, type of pathogen, important features of the pathogen and pathogenesis 
o   details on the route(s) of transmission and how contagious the pathogen is; prevention of infection; vaccination details if available
o   Details about symptoms of the disease are specific and comprehensive
o   Specific details on all labs and diagnostics for confirming the diagnosis are included; gold standard or preferred diagnostics are noted; specificity and sensitivity is included for at least one test (if applicable)
o   Provide treatment options, information about the need for hospitalization (if applicable), gives a time frame for recovery and mortality rates
o   how it affects global populations
o   Resources and citations are included and of high quality