Download and complete the MicroObservatory document.  Save as MicroObservatoryby
your last nameand upload the
resulting Word document into the assignment folder.So if John Doe were submitting this assignment, he would save the file
as MicroObservatory by Doe.(unless saved in this format 10 points will be


This assignment involves
using remote telescopes to capture images, receiving those images by email, processing
the resulting files, inserting them into a Word document, and then uploading
that document into the assignmentfolder.


Images can only be captured
when weather conditions at the remote site are favorable.  Once captured, images might take 2-3 days to
arrive by email.  Processing these image
files will then require additional time. 
This assignment must be started several days before the due date.  If you have not requested images at least 5
days before the due date then choose a different option.


Request the same set of
images 3 or more days in a row to ensure usable files.


Your images must be similar to the thumbnail examples found on the
Control Telescope page.  Credit will be
deducted if submitted images are not similar in content and exposure.