Mid-Term Writing Assignment

 For this assignment, conduct research on ONE ofthe following three topics 
1.      Prison Gangs
2.      Alternatives to Incarceration
3.      Transformative/Restorative Justice
Students are required to compare between two entities from any ofthe three choices listed above. For example, 1. compare TWO Prison Gangs, 2. compare TWO Alternatives to Incarceration and 3. compare Restorative andTransformative Justice. 
        The paper should haveheadings such as Introduction, Background, Main Points (Compare andContrast), and Conclusion
         You are permittedto  access EXTERNAL sources as you support your mainpoints/claims/evidence, but you MUST also incorporateconcepts discussed in the textbook and/or course material into the paper.
1.      Examples of Prison Gangs: The Mexican Mafia (LaEme), La Nuestra Familia, The Mexikanemi, Bloods, Crips, Black GuerrillaFamily, the Aryan Brotherhood, etc. . 
2.      Examples of Alternatives to Incarceration:Probation, Intermediate Sanctions, Parole, Drug Courts, Sex Offender TreatmentProgram (SOTP) and Civil Commitment, etc.
        The most important partof the Mid-Term writing assignment is content; however, you are expected to useclear, and concise writing on all assignments. Grades will be affected by pooruse of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
        The paper must be 4-6pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and you must follow all guidelines for APA6th edition. Those 4-6 pages DO NOT include the Abstract andSources/References (Title Page IS NOT REQUIRED for thisassignment). 
        The paper should have atLEAST 3 references. You are permitted to access EXTERNAL sources as you supportyour main points/claims/evidence, but you MUST alsoincorporate concepts discussed in the textbook and/or course material into thepaper.