midterm essay

Answer all four questions. Each essay is worth 50 points. Students MUST submit the midterm no later than 11:59 PM on Nov. 09, 2021. The window will then close to take the midterm. If you fail to submit the midterm by the given date and time to your designated T.A., you will be issued an “F” letter grade for the midterm exam. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
Responses should be typed in MLA format. Each response should be a minimum of 1 page.
1) Individual and group identity has been a constant, as to what U.S. society and its institutions have labeled Chicanos to be, in what the Chicano community wants to be referred to as, as to what we call ourselves. What impact have historical, political, regional, and national variables have had on this dilemma? Discuss.
2) Three established social science paradigms were presented in class; the assimilationist model, the internal colonial model, and the Marxist model. How would each of these models explain the relatively low socioeconomic status of Chicanos?
3) What have been the major problems faced by Chicanos relative to education in the United States? To what extent has education served as an agent of social control in regard to Chicanos? Finally, discuss how education can be an instrument for liberation?
4) Discuss Lalo Guerrero’s contribution to Chicano music. What impact did the Chicano movement have on West Coast music in the 1960s and early 1970s?