midterm paper based on comparing and contrasting two gothic stories

Primary Goal: This 900-word essay asks students to compare between two and four characters. Students should comparecharacters from two stories that we have read so far. Select from the following list:The Lottery -JacksonThe Black Cat -PoeYoung Goodman Brown -HawthorneThe Yellow Wallpaper -GilmanA Very Old Man with Enormous Wings -MarquezAn Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge BierceA Rose for Emily -FaulknerPrologue to Invisible Man -EllisonA Hunger Artist -KafkaBy this point, there is no question that these texts are gothic, so lets focus on what the characters teach us about gothiclimits, violence, death, and a return to normalcy. Do some characters reveal what we should do and some reveal what weshould not do? More specifically, this essay asks students to compare and contrast between two and four characters in orderto address some (not all) of these key ideas: Allan Lloyd-Smith encourages readers to ask about the Puritan inheritance, fear of democracy, and fear ofoverturning race, gender, and sexuality codes. How do characters react when faced with these issues? Lloyd-Smith ultimately believes that the Gothic explores chaos and wrongdoing in a movement toward theultimate restitution of order and conventionthe Central Gothic Irony (5). Do the characters you write aboutdesire normalcy or fight against it? Do events or scenes in the story fall under the definition of Todorovs three terms: uncanny, fantastic, ormarvelous? Do the characters seem to follow the Spirit of Perverseness? How does the stories narration style alter reader sympathy or understanding? What does the focal distance orinternal/external narration do to readers understanding? Do the actions/emotions of the character lead readers to consider redemption or how they provide an allegory forour present world?Essay Details:1. Make sure to begin with a strong thesis that you support by using evidence from the text. Also, use direct quotationsfrom the original text.2. Write using clear paragraphs that contain declarative topic sentences.3. Minimum 900 words.4. You should not use outside sourcesuse notes from our class and handouts such as my handout on gothic definitions–plus the handouts on Todorov and Lloyd-Smiths chapter. [I will not accept papers that use outside sources]5. If you have questions about Modern Language Association (MLA) format, writing a thesis, paragraph structure,conclusions, or citations, please study the Purdue OWL website that is on our OpenLab course page. If you still havequestions after trying to answer questions on your own, then ask me.6. Above all: choose characters and stories that interest you.Grading Rubric: 1. First Page: A clear introduction, title, thesis, and method (25 points) 2. Formal Writing: Concrete nouns, well-structured sentences, and clear paragraphs (25 points) 3. Story knowledge: Accurate character, plot, narrator, and setting knowledge; correct weaving of at least fourquotations from the stories/articles (25 points) 4. Gothic terms: Accurate understanding and usage of specific gothic terms such as the gothic definition, hallmarksof the gothic, central gothic irony, betrayal of innocence, and Todorovs uncanny, fantastic, and marvelous (there areothers) (25 points)